Autism Resources

Dental Toolkit

Our team is passionate about providing equal care to children facing all types of challenges. Download a dental toolkit for Treating Childen with Autism Spectrum Disorders here.

Help us get to know your child better by sending us a completed Autistic Patient Medical Form by email or bring it along on your first visit.

Autistic Patient Medical Form

Download and print out a Picture Chart For A Visit To Tot 2 Teen Dental to familiarize and ease your child in to their dental check up.

Links & Reading

Read about how sleep may affect your loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at

If your loved one is struggling with sensory overload, here's a good read for you to learn how to live with it a bit easier with this comprehensive guide:

Your Child's First Dental Check Up

Your Infant/Toddler's First Dental Visit