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Tot 2 Teen’s First Blog Post!

So why write a blog?

Firstly I don’t profess to know everything!  But over the years I have learned a lot – yes from textbooks, conferences, mentors and colleaugues  but more importantly from real life’s experiences.  These experiences are both directly from being a mom and  from learning from other parents.  The health of the mouth is a reflection on the health of the body and spirit.   As a pediatric dentist I have the unique privilege of not only seeing my children grow up but also your children.  I strongly believe that it takes a whole village to raise a child and it is only through a partnership that we can learn from each other.


The purpose of this blog is to share general information.  I can not diagnose or suggest care over the internet.  For any concerns beyond general information your child will need a clinical examination, sometimes radiographs and proper questions discussed.

I shall do my best to be accurate and thorough, however the opinions expressed are my own and do not represent all paediatric dentists or other professionals.   I do not want in any way to present myself as better than any other dentist.  The information is based on my experience and/or interpretation, and therefore the information is not exclusive.   A blog is a set of opinions not a peer reviewed journal.  I do not receive any compensation from companies for the products I will mention or discuss in this blog.

On occasion I will include graphics and/or photos that either I have generated or are non-copyrighted or thought to be available and viewable from public sources.  If your work appears and you wish me not to use it, please notify me and I will be happy to remove it.  Photographs and/or videos of patients have been posted only after consent was obtained from the patient/guardian.  If you have changed your mind about this consent, please notify me and I will be happy to remove the image.

I reserve the right to post any comments you make and therefore the comments will be moderated.  Abusive and crude comments will not be tolerated.  Solicited services or products will not be allowed.

All blog posts are written by me unless otherwise noted. The content is my own and subject to copyright, please do not plagiarize.

Thank you.